I would definitely recommend Alex as a system engineer for all types of sound systems. His knowledge of time correction and phase is a very important asset. He has developed some of his own programs for system response which helps deliver smooth sound delivery for every seat in the house.

Kevin Elson
FOH Engineer for Tony Braxton, Christina Aguillera
Producer for Lenny Skynyrd, Jorney, Mr. Big, Europe

Thank you for nice job you did in Tallinn !
I really like the way you tuned the K2 system and especially the sub formation worked very well. I hope we see each other again, was nice working with you 🙂

Casper de Jong
System Engineer for Ennio Morricone

I have worked with Aleksandras on the Sound reinforcement system L-Acoustics large K2 installation and calibration in the new Ureki Arena in Georgia. Aleksandras had a very professional approach in all aspects of pro-audio systems. He has helped me overcome various challenges, using scientific and technical knowledge to optimize the delicate task of tuning a large system, even in a difficult acoustic environment. He has also a broad sound and music culture and a good understanding of sound design, physics and integration of large PA systems. I recommend working with Aleksandras and hope to see him again on future installations.

Nicolas BERTIN
Application Engineer at L-Acoustics

I have worked with Aleksandras at Toto Cutugno tour in Baltics and solo concert in Haapsalu, Estionia. Aleksandras worked as freelance systech and did sound system calibration. He had very professional approach to his job. Using scientific and technical knowledge he overcome different challenges even having limited technical abilities to do the job. If it comes to compromise, he takes scientifically reasonable, informed decision. It is also easy to work with Aleksandras, cause he have broad experience like FOH, Monitor, Broadcast mixing and he knows an advance what would be the best solution for each member of the team. I recommend working with Aleksandras and hope to see him more often worldwide.

Celeste Andrea
FOH Engineer for Toto Cutugno

Vilnius has the best sound system outside the UK. I'm so serious! That was fucking nuts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!