General information

Aleksandras Ratmanovas, the founder of Thirty Six Degrees, have developed several classes listed below. Classes can be taught in three different languages without a translation: English, Russian, Lithuanian. If you are interested - contact us by submitting a contact form or by writing us an email.

Smaart Operator Fundamentals

This is an official Rational Acoustics class. You can find all essential information from the original site.

FOH Mixing

This is a 4-day master-class that will explore a variety of challenges we face preparing for a gig, doing a soundcheck, and mixing a live band. This class refers to time-proven old school and modern techniques, used by all world leading mixing engineers, both, studio and live.

Sound System Design and Optimization: Level 1

Seminar for beginner engineers, who want to make their first steps towards becoming a systech.

Sound System Design and Optimization: Level 2

Master-class for engineers, who already have some experience and want to dig into real-world physics and step on a side of warranties to get predictable results from the first attempt.

BSA Aerosmith PA rev2AR Draft

Memories from past events