Ninja Forms Submission

Name: Willem Hendrix
Message: Hey Aleksandras

Patricia Tron refered to you. I’m planning to make work from the room acoustics in my homestudio. I’m contacting you to see what the possibilities are.

some info:
My homestudio is in a not so big room. It has closets, fridge…
My monitors are Mackie MR5. I also have a sub, but I’m not sure anymore if I want to keep the sub.
Recently I bought reference 4, with mic. Dit not install it yet.

I hoped to get away with some movable acoustic absorbers on reflection points. Maybe some movable broadband absorber bass traps in some corners. Rather nothing on the ceiling.
Before starting to make the absorbers and putting things in place, it seemed wise to me to contact someone with expertise on the domain of room acoustics.

In what way you deliver services? Measurement, advice, plan…?

Best regards

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