I was born in 1977 in Lithuania, Kaunas. Music and sound was my greatest passion since I was a kid, but it wasn't my first field of expertise. In my early twenties, when I was in the middle of my software developer career - I was building speakers and amplifiers for me and my friends, recording voice-overs, doing mastering for the newest releases of music collections and other sound related stuff in my personal time. In 2006, my friend finally convinced me to quit software development and I had started working in the sound industry. I've established a company specializing in a custom hi-end installations and a room acoustical treatment solutions. It was great, but in a while I met another person who offered me an opportunity in rentals - it was a point of no return. I started to work as a freelancer sound technician and with the knowledge I'd already had, I coped with it quite fast. In 2009, I got a contract from a largest staging company in Lithuania (Stage Technical Service) as a Head of Sound Rental dpt. A couple of years later I realized, that my heart lies with mixing and sound system engineering more than anything else. So I quit and continued to work as freelance mixing engineer and systech. In a year 2014, I realized I had enough knowledge and experience to teach this craft, so I had developed two educational programs (Live sound mixing and Sound System Engineering) and started to teach. In 2018, I was certified by Rational Acoustics as «Smaart» software instructor. And nowadays I still continue to improve my skills as a sound professional, rental business analytic and a practicing teacher.